Fall is finally here (ITS TIME TO AERATE AND OVER SEED)

What Is aeration?

Aeration is the process of mechanically removing cores of turf to improve the flow of air, water and nutrients in dense compacted soil. Soil compaction, caused by lawn traffic such as walking and mowing, is one of the greatest causes of turf deterioration. When soil is compacted, dirt particles are forced together, reducing the area where roots can grow. Aeration relieves soil compaction by improving the exchange of water and critical nutrients to grass roots.

When to aerate?

For optimal effectiveness, aeration should be performed at least once annually. In the fall (between August and November) are the ideal times to aerate.

Achieving best results

Water area to be aerated the night before. Thsi will help soften the soil allowing for maximum core penetration. Before Beginning, map out any obstructions such as a sprinkler or head drains.  Cover every inch of the lawn and go over traffic areas more than once.

Seeding after aeration

The best time to sow the seeds is right after you have aerated your lawn. Applying a fine a fine fescue blend of grass seed (first choice is recommended if you are looking for grass seed that your neighbors and friends will comment and want to know how they can get there yard to look that great) after aeration and seeding followed by starter fertilizer must be watered 30 minutes between 10-14 days to allow germination.

I am a certified applicator and this is not a complictated process. I will provide you with all of the technical advice to ensure germination of the grass seed exceeds your expectations.

What about care after overseeding?

Depending on conditions and type of seed, new grass seed will begin to emerge in 5-7 days after seeding when moisture and soil temperatures are adequet.
An  overseed lawn can be fully established in eight weeks or less. Proper watering is critical to succesful overseeding. The following is a recommended water program.

Immediatly after overseeding: Water heavily to wash seeds into slits.

Until grass seeds germinate: ( first 10-14 days) Water lightly on a daily basis, soaking first one inch of soil.

After Germination: Water less frequently but allow for deeper soaking and penetration into soil. This Encourages deeper root Growth.

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